The Importance of LinkedIn

The importance of LinkedIn

Last week, I helped a friend update their LinkedIn and it occurred to me that many people don't have an updated or optimized profile. As young, industry professionals this is a huge mistake!

LinkedIn is ESSENTIAL for personal branding! The professional networking site has transformed into an important personal branding resource. Whether or not you're looking for a job, this tool can help solidify you as an industry expert and connect you with millions of people. With over 225 million members, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site. That's a lot of people to connect with - or miss connecting with.

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to increase your visibility and credibility with members of your brand's community. By joining groups, and sharing your expertise with your network you position yourself as an authority in your industry. This is especially true if you use LinkedIn's tools like "writing an article", or adding videos and images in your summary and experience fields. Adding these important pieces of content helps you to develop multidimensional aspects of your personal brand. These tools will help you paint a picture of who you are, and what it would be like to work with you.

Once your LinkedIn profile has been optimized it's important to spend time engaging with your community. LinkedIn is a great resource to share industry news, join groups of like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date with trends. Make sure you are sharing articles, or even better WRITE YOUR OWN, as well as engage with your connections' updates and posts.

Here's a LinkedIn tip: when "writing an article" on LinkedIn your connections get a notification - which means ALL of your connections will see you've posted something new. On top of that, your article will show up on LinkedIn's Publishing and has the opportunity to go viral. (An update is different, as it only shows up in your timeline and does not notify your connections - your connections will need to be scrolling through their timeline to see what you've posted.) Focus on writing articles that show your experience, provide knowledge and value to your connections and positions you as an industry expert. Doing this will help solidify your personal brand and maximize your profile's exposure.

Another tip: every time you receive a new business card search them on LinkedIn and add them as a connection. You never know when that person will come in handy, as a future client, or a referrer.

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Nikki Bettinelli